Sunday, 23 February 2014

Once upon a time...

The Ascension Plan
All began
In a wind tormented caravan
The band was started by guitarist and singer, Martin Jackson and drummer Nick McLeod, as they jammed the night away in Martins caravan, on the cliffs of Cape Cornwall. Spurred on by the storm...they rekindled a flame that was lit 10 years before, while playing together in Porl Thompsons solo project, Quietly Torn.
Paul Adams AKA 'the Waft', was recruited next, his heart-soaring violin stylings and effect-sodden sounds captivated Nick's ears whilst they both backed Clive Palmer (legendary co-founder of Incredible String Band) in his occasional live forays, his swoops and flights of fancy perfectly complimenting Martin's melodies. Finally finding a bassist locked in a freeform jazz exploration deep in the woods, the mysterious and mercurial mungo shoddy was tempted into town to play on just 'a couple' of songs in a set.
The band have been described as warm and unusual, epic and ethereal, atmospheric and ambitious...bringing audiences to euphoric heights of clapping joy...with melodies that can take you far from the pain of the day to an isle where everything is ok...

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